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The notice said that in compliance of the above referred notification, any increase in fee/fun/charges, already charged by the private educational institutions shall have to be either refunded or adjusted by the managements of all private educational institutions in the subsequent challan/bills of the students.
Gain an understanding regarding which ICT functions educational institutions are interested in outsourcing.
Apart from making assessment and accreditation mandatory for higher educational institutions, the UGC has already laid down minimum standards of instruction for the grant of first degree, Master s degree and M.
In its order, the court said: "The Constitution (93rd Amendment) Act 2005, in so far as it enables to provide reservation for admission to unaided educational institutions, is violative of the basic structure of the ConstitutionC* for the same reason, Section 4 of the UP Admission to Educational Institutions (Reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs) Act, 2006 (UP Act No.
All the Indian educational institutions participating in the exhibition drew a number of visitors from the expatriate community as well as Omanis, reflecting the respect that India has earned as a major destination for higher education because of its high educational standards and affordable costs.
These placements signal the importance of educational institutions increasing their communication with these constituencies and perhaps considering ways to involve them more fully within the on-campus life of the institution.
The EGTRRA allows private educational institutions to sponsor QTPs starting in 2002.
Trompo, which has signed up an impressive roster of Venezuele's leading higher educational institutions, and their tens of thousands students, promises to limit to seven the number of advertisers on each Web site.
Increasingly, we are seeing partnerships forming between educational institutions and the communities in which they reside (Driscoll, Holland, Gelmon, & Kerrigan, 1996).
And for 142 of the largest educational institutions, private donations stood at almost $13 billion in 1999, nearly a 10% increase over the previous year.
One way to address institutional racism in educational institutions is to examine students' roles within institutions and within the larger society.
The Very-High-Speed Backbone Network Service is expected to be used soon by dozens of educational institutions for cooperative experiments in science and communication that could reshape the ordinary Internet used by growing numbers of Americans.

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