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TELLER. An officer in a bank or other institution. He is said to take that name from tallier, or one who kept a tally, because it is his duty to keep the accounts between the bank or other institution and its customers, or to make their accounts tally. In another sense teller signifies a person appointed to receive votes. In England the name of teller is given to certain officers in the exchequer.

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Edward Teller was always the exception among the original elite Los Alamos team.
Established in 1991, the Edward Teller Medal recognizes pioneering research and leadership in inertial fusion sciences and applications.
Hans Bethe became the symbolic head of the first group, while Edward Teller became the leading spokesman for the second group.
If proof was needed that missile defense had more-deep-rooted foundations than simply the addled imagination of Ronald Reagan or the technical fantasies of Edward Teller, current newspaper headlines supply it.
But I also believe that Edward Teller should be regarded as one of the most important figures of the 21st century.
The same Edward Teller and his chief acolyte, Lowell Wood, are exhorting the youngsters in their same cluttered cubicles.
But I didn't want to be responsible for a program where the potential for progress was being reported by Edward Teller.
Edward Teller, the world-famous physicist best known for his work in atomic and nuclear physics, was honored this week with the Hungarian Corvin Medal, bestowed by the Hungarian government for exceptional achievement in the arts and sciences.
Within weeks after stealth was proclaimed in 1980, Edward Teller, the inventor of the H-bomb, wrote in The Wall Street Journal, "It is a good general rule to make all possible progress in military technology and to worry about countermeasures later.
This cancellation of fundamental philosophicaldistinctions drew objections, exemplified by Edward Teller of Lawrence Livermore (Calif.
The name of Edward Teller is more than just a person, it a symbol for Hungary.
Nominations are being sought for three awards: (1) Fusion Power Associates Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award; (2) Marshall Rosenbluth Fusion Theory Award; (3) Edward Teller Medal