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This is because PRR is the investment effeciency measure of a project, that is, more precisely, one of the investment base of it.
Business is currently home-based but has strong reputation and utilizes expwerienced contractors for operational effeciency.
Relationsship Between Effeciency Factors Influencing Ultimate Profits with Deposits, Assets and Advances
Effeciency of the institutions reduced by 40 percent.
cycle time and cost effeciency, measure the value of
Technology is an essential component of modern business, and a modern reliable IT network is crucial to enable effective communication, customer service and business effeciency.
In the present study, no statistically significant differences in time effeciency were evident among or between the countries.
Different options of production effeciency // Transactions of the Estonian Agricultural University.
Now it's just a butchered joke thanks to the cursed accountants who are only interested in severing jobs at the expense of service and effeciency.