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EIRE, or EYRE, English law. A journey. Justices in eyre, were itinerant judges, who were sent once in seven years with a general commission in divers counties, to hear and determine such causes as were called pleas of the crown. Vide Justices in eyre.

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Augustine is quite legitimately seen as a decisive reflector on time-and-eternity, and Eire uses him to frame much of what follows in the millennium of Christendom, "Eternity Conceived.
If you purchase a Dakota 20 in store before the 31st December 2009, you get 50% off of any Garmin Eire Discoverer 1:50K mapping card
The book recounts the service of people born in Eire and Northern Ireland and many others born far abroad of one or both Irish parents or in some cases, simply having an Irish surname.
If the race was a nightmare for odds-on layers, it was a dream for amateur Nicki Wilson, as she rode her own Native Eire to win on her first-ever ride over jumps.
It launches in the north of England and Eire on March 13 with a launch price of 1.
SCORERS - CRATLOE: P Collins (1-4) C McInerney (0-4), C McGrath (1-1); L Markham (0-2) J Galvin (0-1) EIRE OG: S O'Meara (0-4), D O'Halloran (0-2), S Daniels, D O'Neill, S Hickey, E Courtney, C Brennan (0-1) each
Results: SUPREME: Iwan Morgan (Jersey, Eire Governor Gorgeous).
a leading provider of engineering test systems and services for the wireless industry, announced a partnership with an established test equipment company in the UK and Eire.
11 International Honours: Eire (3 senior Caps), Eire B, Eire U21, Eire Youth, Eire Schools Clubs: Middlesborough, (signed from Home Farm on 16/8/1991), Darlington (Loaned on 25/02/1994), Stoke City (13/09/1996), Cardiff City (06/07/2001)
Matthew Connolly, co-founder with Paul Timmons of Eire Systems in January 1996, comments, "The majority of our clients are foreign financial and multinational companies, although we are more recently doing business with large Japanese companies.
ALL credit to Japan and South Korea for such sterling performances, but I would also like to praise the displays from the foursome of Denmark, Sweden, USA and Eire.
Enter by dialling 0901 563 8258 (in Eire dial 1550 927 623).