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4,14,15) IPSS scores may decrease 15 to 20 points, but quality of life is enhanced only with severe lower urinary tract symptoms, and postoperative ejaculatory dysfunction (65%-70%) is expected, along with 1% to 2% perioperative mortality.
Perhaps [one] component of the metabolic syndrome should be male pelvic dysfunction," which includes voiding dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory dysfunction, he said.
However, on the follow-up visit, the laboratory requisition for the basic semen analysis still had not been used, and with further questioning, the urologist referred the couple for situational ejaculatory incompetence to the ejaculatory dysfunction clinic.
CONCLUSION: Iloperidone can be associated with ejaculatory dysfunction due to its alpha 1A adrenoceptor blocking property which can be effectively treated with Imipramine.
Kaplan and his colleagues found that prostate volume, prostate specific antigen level (a marker for prostate enlargement or disease), voiding symptoms, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory dysfunction all increased as the waistline did.
One drug in the class, tamsulosin (Flomax), causes ejaculatory dysfunction in 8%-30% of men, depending on the dose.
These problems--often called male related factors--typically are associated with erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, poor semen quality, or a combination of these.
Physiologic Outcomes of VaporTrode Procedure Complication Current Series Hematuria (immediate 13% (pink-tinged urine) postoperative period) 7% (bright red urine with clots) Delayed hematuria 3% (bright red urine with clots) Urinary retention 17% (catheterization and drainage of urine required) Urinary tract infection 14% (symptomatic, afebrile) 8% (symptomatic, febrile) TUR syndrome 0 Bladder spasms 3% Pain 100% (all discontinued analgesics 4-5 days following procedure) Sexual Dysfunction Ejaculatory dysfunction 100% Erectile dysfunction 0 Irritative voiding symptoms 11% New onset of urinary 0 incontinence Complication Previous Report Hematuria (immediate Not reported postoperative period) 4% (bright red urine with (Narayan et al.