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As part of a worldwide diabetes awareness campaign, Millie has asked everyone at he r school to wear an elastic band around their wrist tomorrow and to "ping" it each time they eat or drink any foodstuffs containing carbohydrates.
The postmen and postwomen would save a fortune by recycling these elastic bands instead of discarding them on our roads and streets.
Jobless Luke Sargent-Fisher, 20, admitted stealing DVDs, computer games, toiletries and even elastic bands during a raid with his friend Andrew Thompson, 19.
Angela Jones, Bristol TO stop clothes slipping off wire or plastic hangers, wrap elastic bands around the ends of the hangers.
THE issue of the Royal Mail having to buy a billion elastic bands a year because posties drop them is petty.
The reason for the closures is cost, so why have Post Office Ltd suddenly started to wrap elastic bands around more than one envelope?
I remember last year the big debate for some was the red elastic bands being allegedly dropped by the naughty post men/women on the path.
An irate aspiring councillor has written to Post Office bosses to complain about elastic bands.
the insertion of elastic bands or tapes into a structure).
The vehicles were made mainly from light wood and were powered by elastic bands, which had to be wound before each of three runs.
Thompson varies the conditioning programs with the addition of large elastic bands and free weights.
The graduates received emergency kits: two towels, two pairs of rubber gloves, a syringe, some elastic bands - to tie the umbilical cord - and a plastic sheet.