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MANIFESTO. A solemn declaration, by the constituted authorities of a nation, which contains the reasons for its public acts towards another.
     2. On the declaration of war, a manifesto is usually issued in which the nation declaring the war, states the reasons for so doing. Vattel, liv. 3, c. 4, Sec. 64; Wolff, Sec. 1187. See Anti-Manifesto.

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The HDP's election manifestos for the June 7 and Nov.
The party hopes to ready the election manifesto by the first week of January.
Speaking to the board, industrial services manager Cee Payne confirmed NZNO's campaign would focus on the seven nursing priorities outlined in NZNO's election manifesto.
Meanwhile, the BJP in its election manifesto for Telangana region has also made identical promise of free laptop for meritorious students.
In its election manifesto, the BJP has not mentioned anything about Cauvery river water issue, Mullaperiyar dam issue, Sri Lankan Tamil issue, Tamil fishermen issue and Katchatheevu island issue.
Nothing can be more laughable and ludicrous for a political party that its election manifesto is a "cut and paste" job from the election manifesto of a rival political party.
The Chief Executive pledged in his Election Manifesto that the construction of the planned 75,000 public rental housing flats in the next five years as announced by the previous-term government will be expedited.
LAHORE -- Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, and JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, have strongly condemned the continuous raise in the POL prices and said this was contrary to the rosy promises made by the PML(N) in its election manifesto.
It however observed that promising freebies in the election manifesto doesn't amount to corrupt practice under section 123 of the Representation of Peoples Act.
After receiving our election manifesto from the BNP candidate George Jones which also had enclosed publicity material chronicling the party ideology, we also received through the letter box the very next day a leaflet from the BNP requesting "any scrap metal you don't want" and stating that their registered and licensed scrap metal truck will collect any scrap metal from your front or back garden if one phones a number on their leaflet.
Bilawal will be unveiling the party's election manifesto ahead of the 2013 parliamentary polls, party sources said.
ELECTION PROMISE: Nick Clegg has now apologised for a promise he made on tuition fees in his party's election manifesto