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The Electoral Boundaries Act specified that, after the September 2003 provincial general election, an electoral boundaries commission would be asked to make recommendations as to the area, boundaries and names of the 27 electoral districts in Prince Edward Island.
He said the two draft laws that were endorsed by the committee were: The Orthodox Gathering's proposal by which each sect elects its own MPs, and another proposal that would divide Lebanon into 15 electoral districts.
A 3 million yen deposit is required to field a candidate in a single-seat electoral district.
The Article 3 that the court ruled unconstitutional defines electoral districts for the individual system seats.
Baabda MP Hikmat Deeb, a member of the Reform and Change bloc, told The Daily Star Aoun was against a law that would use 61 electoral districts because such a law would create "a club of millionaires" in Parliament.
Under the Cabinet's plan, Beirut and south Lebanon would be divided into two electoral districts, while the Bekaa, north Lebanon and Mount Lebanon would each be divided into three.
Under the Cabinet decision, the electoral districts were divided as follows: two for Beirut, two for south Lebanon, three for the Bekaa, three for north Lebanon and three for Mount Lebanon.
This conflict over the future Jordanian-Palestinian relationship was not confined to these electoral districts but was also brought up when Palestinian candidates who were members of the Palestine National Council (PNC) registered their candidacy.
In a lawsuit file on October 17, the Justice Department has charged that new electoral districts discriminate against Hispanics and called for a new plan to increase Hispanic representation on the City Council.
The BART Board of Directors, which is the governing board for the District, is made up of nine members elected from nine electoral Districts in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco.
PDSH party still hasn't shared its stand for the proposal Macedonia to be one electoral district, and the officials from this party say that if the model with six electoral districts remains, they will demand the number of MPs to be altered and leveled with the poll.
The initiative that gathers all the main players of political parties in Egypt is poised to start work on the parties' version of electoral districts law amendments on 14 May.