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The technical items produced were tiles for lining the ball mills made of iron cast, porcelain ball mills, pestle and mortar, electrical insulators.
In both experiments, the teams coated wafers of silicon with thin layers of silicon dioxide--an electrical insulator.
These are said to include excellent heat resistance, radiation resistance, corona resistance and fine performance as an electrical insulator.
Once the charge is generated, it cannot conduct away because it is confined to an electrical insulator It is residing on an electrical insulator--the inside of the PE pipe.
UltraCMOS technology utilizes a synthetic sapphire substrate, a near-perfect electrical insulator, providing low parasitic capacitance, and enabling high signal isolation, and excellent broadband linearity.
Diamond is an electrical insulator but still shows extremely high thermal conductivity--1000 to 2600 W/mK.
There, a layer of silicon dioxide serves as an electrical insulator, or dielectric, preventing unwanted vertical current flow between the control electrode, known as the gate, and the underlying silicon.
One of the latest prospects is nanoporous silica, a whisper-light gel that's an exceptionally good electrical insulator.
Electrical insulator bars 16 mm in diameter can be pultruded without any center cracks, Dow reports; and in the civil engineering industries, fabricators use the resin to pultrude concrete re-bars and larger profiles for use as bridge decks and girders.
Hydro-Quebec had tried LSR as an electrical insulator in the 1980s but dropped it after 10 years.
Once widely used as an electrical insulator in transformers and other equipment, PCBs today contaminate most humans and wildlife.
To circumvent the intrinsic noisiness of optical devices, Kurizki and his coworkers take advantage of strong interactions between an electromagnetic field and a stream of atoms passing through a special, porous structure fabricated from an electrical insulator.

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