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The effect of transcutaneous electrical stimulation on spinal motor neuron excitability in people without known neuromuscular diseases: the roles of stimulus intensity and location.
Electrical stimulation ensures full depletion of ATP to IMP.
Biphasic electrical stimulation healing rates for neuropathic wounds range from 16 to 17.
The optimal stimulation site was also determined by moving the coil over the BB near the cathodal electrical stimulation site, and it was defined as the stimulation site that yielded the largest force twitch elicited from the muscle.
The effect of the addition of electrical stimulation to a regimen of stretching was examined using the mean (95% CI) between-group difference in pre-to-post intervention change of the modified Ashworth scale for spasticity and in passive knee extension for contracture.
Electrical stimulation studies set the level of stimulation below the pain threshold, so the effect of the stimulation was studied rather than the individual's response to pain.
The Worldwide Anti-Vomiting Electrical Stimulation Study began with the device turned on in one group of patients and turned off in a second group.
Physical and chemical changes also occur as a direct consequence of ES where excitation of neurons following electrical stimulation causes increased mobility of [Na.
Gerken reported that a hearing loss of as little as 20 dB can lead to a sharp increase in sensitivity to electrical stimulation in the auditory system.

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