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A novel CPW-FED monopole antenna for multiband operation," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 22(5-6): 741-747.
In addition, Karipidis et al have done a study on the relationship between extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves with advent of malignant brain tumors which ultimately it didn't show any significant correlation between them [11].
Protection of High Voltage Transmission Lines of Canada from the Ice by High-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves.
As regards the blood flow through the utero-placental unit, it was evident that the umbilical artery blood flow was not influenced by the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phones.
The operation of the microstrip antenna is based on the resonance principle at electromagnetic wave frequency from the exposure field.
The fundamental areas of electromagnetic wave countermeasures are electromagnetic interference (EMI) countermeasures, which protect other circuits from the electromagnetic waves emitted by a device, and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) countermeasures, which protect against effects from external electromagnetic waves.
has developed a proprietary technology that employs electromagnetic waves to detect anomalies related to cased and insulated carrier pipes.
College-level and advanced electromagnetism courses and electrical engineers alike will find Maxwell's Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism an excellent introduction to Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves.
Radio waves are electromagnetic waves occurring on the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The measure was implemented as the electromagnetic waves generated by the wireless communications could disturb aircraft devices, according to officials of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
And now according to experts there is a new form of pollution linked to a worldwide boom in technology and generated by artificial electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, laptops and Blackberries.
Clarins have launched a new product they claim will protect against the ageing effects of artificial electromagnetic waves.