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Today, the market for handheld electronic calculators is considereable.
Twelve Digit Desk Top Electronic Calculator With Four.
Especially when her father was caught giggling in the back of maths class because he had learnt to write BOOBIES on his electronic calculator instead of deciphering advanced trigonometry.
ALTHOUGH he used a slide rule to the end of his life in preference to the electronic calculator, the physicist, who fled persecution in Nazi Germany, played a crucial part in the development of the atomic bomb - providing the theoretical calculations that the explosion would not spark a chain-reaction, which could destroy the world.
directive short wave or Yagi antenna (recognized in 1995), Mount Fuji radar system (2000), Tokaido Shinkansen or bullet train (2000), Seiko's electronic quartz wristwatch (2004) and Sharp's electronic calculator (2005).
1970: The first hand-held electronic calculator was unveiled in Japan.
Later in the decade, IBM introduced the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator as the company's first large-scale digital calculating machine, the successful 604 Electronic Calculating Punch - 5,600 of which were built in a ten year period - and the card-programmed Electronic Calculator, the first IBM product designed for computation centres.
Tenders are invited for Pwi Inspection Tool Kit Consisting Of Following Items 1 Clearance Guage Bg 2 Clearance Guage Mg 3 Shim Feeler Gauge 4 Stepped Feeler Guage 1 To 15 Mm 5 Tappered Gauge 6 Gap Guage 7 Rail Thermometer With Magnetic Base 8 Rail Nose Wear Measuring Base 9 Versine Measuring Base 10 Adjustable Mirror For Checking Cracks 11 Magnifying Glass 3 12 Track Square 13 Steel Scale 300 Mm 14A Inside Caliper 150Mm B Outside Caliper 150 Mm 15 Sensitive Spirit Level 16 Steel Tape 3 Mtrs17 Steel Tape 20 Mtrs 18 Precision Straight Edge 10 Cm 19 Pocket Torch 20 Aluminium Cant Board 21 Flexible Curve For Rail Profiles 22 Data Book With Pencil 23 Electronic Calculator 24 Vernier Caliper 25 Folding Gauge Cum Level Bg
Tenders are invited for Citizen Ct-512 Electronic Calculator Or Similar.

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