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Unless resolved, an electronic calculator or degree in math would be required for most consumers to make comparisons.
Currently, the best unit consists of a receiver the shape of a car radio, a hand-held computer about the size of an electronic calculator, and a small antenna.
Since first mass-producing an LCD for an electronic calculator in 1973, Sharp has created a wide range of LCD application products by developing innovative LCD technologies, and has been the driving force in the flat-panel display market.
1970 The " rst hand-held electronic calculator was unveiled in Japan.
1970: The first hand-held electronic calculator was unveiled in Japan.
Patent filings (41,268 in total) as well as the launch of a vast array of innovative products by the Company including the IVSB camera -- the first Canon camera sold in the United States in 1955, the 10-key electronic calculator and the first automatic exposure SLR camera, a predecessor to Canon's current award-winning EOS SLR Digital cameras.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electronic Calculator New Version, Display (Digits) 12 with check and correct functions (120 steps check), Type-Basic, Keytype-standard keys, casing type - plastic, solar and battery, auto reply, dimensions: 128.
ALTHOUGH he used a slide rule to the end of his life in preference to the electronic calculator, the physicist, who fled persecution in Nazi Germany, played a crucial part in the development of the atomic bomb - providing the theoretical calculations that the explosion would not spark a chain-reaction, which could destroy the world.
directive short wave or Yagi antenna (recognized in 1995), Mount Fuji radar system (2000), Tokaido Shinkansen or bullet train (2000), Seiko's electronic quartz wristwatch (2004) and Sharp's electronic calculator (2005).
Devised by Sir Clive Sinclair, the electronic calculator soon became a schoolboy staple.
The pocket calculator (1971) Devised by Sir Clive Sinclair, the electronic calculator soon became a schoolbag staple.

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