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Excursions incl West Bank including the Valley of the Kings, temple of Queen Hatshepsut and Colossi of Memnon, The High Dam and temple of Philae, Nubian Museum, Kitchener Island Botanical Gardens and Elephantine Island, Karnak Temple and Luxor Museum.
Four bars are also available including The Yasmin Vitamin Bar and Lounge overlooking the pool and gardens, and La Promenade located on the hotel's rose granite walkway with views of Elephantine Island.
I have seen young Nubians who couldn't afford a pair of sandals working laptops in the shadow of a 3,000-year-old temple on Elephantine Island in the Nile.
A small boat passes Elephantine island in the River Nile, off the southern town of Aswan, 800 kms south of the Egyptian capital Cairo (AFP)
Latter is now leading a solo life down south, on Elephantine Island.
Another memorable garden I visited was on Elephantine Island, situated in the Nile River near Aswan, Egypt.