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PhotoSat's highly accurate elevation grids have been used for years by oil and gas and mining engineers as a cost-effective alternative to ground surveying and airborne LiDAR mapping.
Previous studies have pointed to an inverse relationship between elevation and lung cancer rates, and more recent findings have raised the possibility that incomplete or faulty metabolism of oxygen during normal breathing may lead to cell injury and mutation, including free radical damage, setting the way for lung cancer to develop.
Simeonov, now a medical and graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, got the idea that elevation might be linked to lung cancer when he noticed that people in Austria have some of the highest smoking rates in Europe, but relatively low lung cancer rates.
In years of higher precipitation (2001 and 2003), use of forage by elk and cattle was less in middle elevations (19.
Beach has served as chairman of Elevations since 2008.
Without the executive order, a number of existing and new Buildings would not be able to be built in compliance with the FEMA-recommended elevations without creating conflicts with current zoning height limits and other requirements.
ANOVA was used to test for differences in morphology and condition (wing chord, tarsus, body mass) of adults and pre-fledging nestling mass among three elevation categories (high, middle, and low elevations) and sex (adults only).
So, changes which affect those elevations are much more important from a water-resources perspective.
And there are dramatic differences in forest regions and elevations.
We determined the probability density function (PDF) of measured trough elevations in one area.
Along with the other Trex Elevations system components, the new post is fire-resistant and offers extreme durability and stability - allowing contractors to benefit from reduced callbacks and increased homeowner satisfaction.
Vrain choosing the merger route to expand a product line that would include mortgages offered by Elevations, the state's fifth largest credit union.