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The product could be defined with fairly long elimination periods and targeted to complete the college savings plan in the event of a severe disability, providing for fairly inexpensive coverage for the consumer.
Accessing policy benefits faster at home is now possible with a waiver of the home healthcare elimination period.
Industry-Leading Universal Life Insurance Policy Helps Fund Long-Term Care Expenses, Now with No Deductible or Elimination Period and International Benefits
The longer the elimination period is--usually no more than 365 days--the lower the premium.
Payable immediately after the 180-day elimination period is satisfied, the Income PLUS benefit offers what amounts to 12 months' worth of benefit at 10% to 40% of income.
A calendar-day elimination period (to be satisfied once per lifetime), rather than a service-day elimination period
Many companies have an exclusion period in addition to an elimination period, and may or may not allow them to run concurrently.
The rider allows the annuitant to access the LTC benefits after three years and a 120-day elimination period, which can run concurrently.
As with any insurer the more expensive policy would have the elimination period kick in at 730 days.
The insurance policy has a 30-day elimination period.

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