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I was supposed to fight for the English title but we couldn't get that, so the Boxing Board's ordered me and Turley to fight for a British title eliminator.
Installing an oil mist eliminator on turbines and compressors has numerous advantages to ongoing site operation.
What are the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championship eliminators now known as?
That would leave the door open for Burke to step out of the eliminator series and challenge either Hartlepool scrapper Bennett or one of the younger lads for the vacant Lonsdale Belt.
Air fresheners have come to be used less and less often as the odor counteractants and odor eliminators have become more sophisticated.
told the transport ministry Tuesday it is recalling a total of 3,000 Eliminator and W650 motorcycles for free replacement of defective parts.
Duplicate Journals Eliminator makes it easy to remove duplicate Outlook journal entries that can be produced by synchronizing to your PDA.
Like the cartridge-type mist eliminators, the Zeks filter provides a constant coalescing action for continuous self-cleaning.
What I like best about Eliminators is that they're comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time.
It is imperative that cooling towers be inspected, and valves, drift eliminators and fill cleaned before the temperatures soar and the system goes on-line.
The Varicol range offers both horizontaland vertical designs for both mist eliminators and fume scrubbing units.