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CODE [section] 987(a) (2013) ("physical alteration or destruction of fine art, which is an expression of the artist's personality, is detrimental to the artist's reputation"); see also MERRYMAN, URICE, & ELSEN, supra note 25, at 444 ("After California, ten states enacted moral rights legislation: Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.
Power has been off in much of the north since Thursday afternoon when ELSEN, the union representing workers at the north's 'state-owned' power provider KIBTEK, walked out in protest over the authorities' plans to privatise electricity generation.
4 on a zero to 100 scale, it's like a dashboard indicator," says Joseph Elsen, project manager with We Colorado Department of Transportation.
Elsen does not expect the synergies to occur before the first year upon completion.
All pupils at the school, from the ages of three to 11, took part in the celebrations, organised by Spanish teacher Keren Elsen and her colleague Gina Harris to help them embrace a different culture and give i them a flavour of life on the continent.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are obligatory symbionts that colonize the roots of approximately 80% of terrestrial plants, improving their nutrition, growth and disease tolerance (SMITH; READ, 2008; ELSEN et al.
Such measurements are used, among others, for the assessment of the freeze resistance of building materials, while the pore characteristics are determined using the linear traverse method or the punctual method (ASTM C 457-98; Aligizaki and Cady, 1999; Elsen, 2001).
Johnson RC, Makoutode M, Sopoh GE, Elsen P, Gbovi J, Pouteau LH, et al.
The technicians Patricia Elsen and Wim Bertels are acknowledged for the installation of the sensors and running the tests at KUL.
Lu, WK, Elsen Baumer, RL, Wessling, B, "Corrosion of Mild Steel by Coatings Containing Polyaniline.
softens the grimace of pain, the shapelessness of age, the hideousness of perversion, when he arranges nature--veiling, disguising, tempering it to please the ignorant public--then he is creating ugliness because he fears the truth" (in Elsen 1963: 64).
Elbers and Ton 1985) and German (Leopold 1939; Elsen 1996) as well as English; for Swedish our data show that mono-and disyllabic early word forms are in close balance.