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Emanations of Grace is a selection of fifty-nine poems representative of ('A'isha's mystical themes and poetic style.
Nombre d'agriculteurs riverains de la decharge ont exprime, a la MAP, leur forte inquietude face a la propagation des odeurs pestilentielles et l'eparpillement des sacs en plastiques, soulignant que cette decharge constitue une source de preoccupation pour la population locale, vu les nuisances generees par les dechets, a savoir la multiplication des cas d'asphyxie, les emanations toxiques, et les mauvaises odeurs, avec une pollution affectant l'eau, le sol et l'air.
A Stone's Throw: Charlotte Cushman" condenses space around the emanation or influence of the famous actress as Lady Macbeth.
A man-in-space who instead of making concrete art objects sends forth electrical emanations.
In addition to the inherent cellular vulnerabilities, all electronic equipment is capable of emitting electronic emanations.
More than assistants, they're really emanations of the Devil's psyche.
Both cities prohibit offensive emanations from the property such as glare, heat, noise, smoke, dust, odors, vibration or electromagnetic interference.
Further analyses uncovered research showing that the physical mechanism triggering warring behavior was geomagnetic changes (produced by the emanations from the sun) which affected brain waves and hormone balance of some sensitive humans.
There are numerous mentions attesting natural gas emanations in the Transylvanian Basin.
Automotive Emanations & Testing--"Accelerated aging of molded foam: Selection of parameters for a value-added test," G.
Given, however, that these are only West's uncollected pieces--sporadic emanations in response to an essay commission or review assignment--West's achievement, and that of the Sheer series, seems all the more staggering.