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The comments were aimed at helping McCain woo the party's skeptical base of conservatives, a difficult task evidenced by the veteran Arizona senator's embarassing, but largely symbolic, losses the night before to rival Mike Huckabee, who snatched two victories on Saturday from McCain, although the wins in Kansas and Louisiana were no threat to the latter's lead.
We should not let the President find himself in an embarassing situation," he said.
Wolverhampton crashed to an embarassing 53-37 home defeat in the first leg of their Knockout Cup tie against Ipswich last night.
It had its embarassing times, with two boys and three girls: like Saturday night in the bath in front of the fire after your mam had filled it with enough water to cover those private parts and with a flannel always ready to add extra cover -- just in case.
JERMAIN DEFOE made it two goals from two appearances for Tottenham in the 4-2 win at troubled Charlton but it was former City loan star Johnnie Jackson who netted the fourth to ensure his side did not suffer another embarassing collapse.
In any event, Taras Wolansky is correct that Lott's pseudonymous pecadilloes are at worst embarassing.
The visitors controlled the set pieces and often pushed the young and inexperienced Treorchy side all around the park - it became quite embarassing at times.
Rather than the exception, these embarassing excesses are the rule.
When people at an art party, circa 1995, asked if there were anyone working in England you did like (after you had remarked that the whole Young British Art scene reminded you of extras from a Larry Clark movie), you could still answer "Anish Kapoor" without completely embarassing yourself.
Some embarassing news about the federal judges who are complaining-about being overworked and asking for additional judges to be assigned to the courts: it seems that, according the General Accounting Office, in a 32-month period ending Oct.
The embarassing fact for all those present was the technicality that Reay was never in the Service Corps.