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At times we are an embarassment to watch and unless we buy several players we are destined for years of mediocrity.
It was no longer possible to keep a lid on the EU's embarassment in the face of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 5 April.
Sure I had days of embarassment and humiliation" he said.
Of course, a decision to dump U and its showbiz holdings would represent an enormous embarassment for Fourtou as well as open the door for Barry Diller to make some sort of killer deal to salvage the assets.
Cov were certainly staring at a bigger embarassment when centre Stephen Ward somehow weaved down the narrowest of spaces on the right touchline without a hand laid on him to score after three minutes and winger Chris Wall added a second on the opposite side with the defenders chasing shadows.
We apologise to Mr Jones and his family for any upset or embarassment caused.
Readers will recall that Roy caused a wee bit of embarassment for his senior brass colleagues, and the military's two-tiered justice system, when he was fired from his post in December 1996.
The accident was then covered up to avoid embarassment to the King.
While talking with rangers at Smoky Mountain National Park, they "recalled his enthusiasm, and some experienced embarassment when Jess, at 9 years old, knew the trees better than the rangers
Clinton), have resulted in two 9-0 defeats and yet not a twinge of embarassment.
Today's justices, however, show little embarassment about their underwhelming record.