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We would like to apologise to Behrouz Zarandi, owner of Caspian Pizza in Smethwick, for any embarassment the report may have caused.
The case threatens to become an embarassment for Sudan amid growing international attention.
Mayo be in such a rush to relish joining that League of Extraordinary Dunkers (and Average Shooters) before he had a chance to launder away the taste of an anticlimactic college career -- one where he was not simply on the wrong end of an NCAA Tournament embarassment, but completely upstaged by his high school pal and the flat-out top freshman in all the land?
This is a huge embarassment for Nick Bourne, who's been slapped down for voicing a view without the permission of his bosses in London.
He told Mr Watts: "We have no intention of letting you oust our MP and we will cause as much embarassment as is humanly possible.
McClaren (right) suffered his first embarassment as England gaffer as the Baltic minnows held out for a vital Group E point.
She watched Marcus's black face change from rage to embarassment.
At times we are an embarassment to watch and unless we buy several players we are destined for years of mediocrity.
Sure I had days of embarassment and humiliation" he said.
Yet, according to health workers there is a traditional stigma attached to breastfeeding by partners concerned about the public embarassment of breastfeeding, while worried that it will lower sex drive.
Cov were certainly staring at a bigger embarassment when centre Stephen Ward somehow weaved down the narrowest of spaces on the right touchline without a hand laid on him to score after three minutes and winger Chris Wall added a second on the opposite side with the defenders chasing shadows.
A new season starts tonight for the Eugene Thunder hockey team, though the embarassment and pain from the way the previous one ended hasn't exactly gone away.