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Conversely, the moral imperative to preserve the sanctity of human embryonic life should overrule the desires by scientists and physicians who seek to manipulate human embryos for financial gains and/or mere scientific interests.
It defined cloned organisms as human embryonic life which could become human.
Because most of the notable battles fought by right-to-life groups concerned much later stages of prenatal human development--"late-term abortion," for example--the right-to-life movement has successfully avoided calling public attention to implications of its views about the earliest days of embryonic life.
Early in embryonic life, when they're merely balls of cells, female mammals silence one of their two X chromosomes within each cell.
Oman's insurance sector is small but rapidly growing in global and regional terms with an embryonic life segment.
The principle cephalic vein which is formed early in the embryonic life disappears, thus necessitating the formation of venous spaces which connect and form channels, thus leading to the origin of the facial and pharyngeal veins [13].