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EMMENAGOGUES, med. jur. The name of a class of medicines which are believed to have the power. of favoring the discharge of the menses. These are black hellebore, savine, (vide Juneperius Sabina,) madder, mercury, polygala, senega, and pennyroyal. They are sometimes used for the criminal purpose of producing abortion. (q.v.) They always endanger the life of the woman. 1 Beck's Medical Jur. 316; Dungl. Med. Diet. h.t.; Parr's Med. Dict. h.t.; 3 Paris and Fonbl. Aled. Jur. 88.

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Hence they may have been treated accordingly with herbal emmenagogues for amenorrhea, or remedies for menorrhagia, depression and hysteria that are listed in earlier works.
In 1931 Mrs Grieve refers to its emmenagogue action and the 1983 BHP includes 'menopausal neurosis' as one of its indications, and specific indications as 'emotional and vascular instability, including the hot flush, associated with the menopause'.
One of the great Renaissance herbalists, Gerard, recommended it for inflammation of the uterus and as an emmenagogue (Hobbs 1990).