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Practicing objective medicine requires a degree of emotional distance, and I don't want to do anything to shorten that.
A financially resilient organization creates emotional distance from difficult issues and balances short- and long-term perspectives in making its decisions.
It's amazing how much pain there is when what was once intimate conversation turns into unnaturally casual banter, emotional distance or just a void.
The emotional distance that readers feel when they're reading young adult [literature] is so, so narrow compared to the emotion al distance that readers feel when they're reading what would be called 'adult literary fiction,' " Smith explains.
Once you have some emotional distance from the situation, you'll be better equipped to fix it.
The emotional distance between protagonist and reader is so great that at times the title character seems almost spectral.
and in this way the emotional distance between the different entities can be such that ethnocultural diversity further broadens the emotional divide.
I also keep my emotional distance from my siblings so that I do not repeat the violent outbursts I used to have with beating them in my anger.
There are societies where parents, especially fathers, keep emotional distance from their children in the hope that this will make them strong.
Maintaining an emotional distance requires awareness.
On top of potential emotional distance, geographical space also has been separating them: while Rodriguez was Stateside, Delevingne has been working abroad.
His score for Pauline, while functional enough, all too often remained at an emotional distance from what was being expressed vocally and the music often was too little varied to embrace the emotional range of the libretto.