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Darwin's commitment to empirical observation is complete: he can't ignore any observed fact if his theories are to hold water.
Hodgdon, which has built sea vessels since 1816, had previously relied on empirical observation, hand analysis, a handbook of shipping standards, and classical techniques for its hull designs, McClain said.
Sullum repeats the now accepted empirical observation that "insanity pleas are offered only in about 1 percent of criminal cases.
Byl believes that science involves much more than empirical observation and mathematical analysis.
Science eschews individual eyewitness testimony for empirical observation and data collection.
If you look at two months worth of statistics and then compare it to a five year average that would be an empirical observation, but I don't feel that it's enough to give a full picture," he said.
From an epistemological point of view, it is important to construct bridges between theory building and empirical observation.
Since nearly all particles will acquire an electrical charge when placed in a liquid, measuring the strength of the electrostatic force--the ability of individual particles to repel each other--can provide reliable information about the stability of a solution without depending on empirical observation alone.
To be sure, some of the delegates drew from Montesq uieu in their notions about checks and balances, but in the main their convictions and arguments rested on empirical observation, experience, and practical considerations.
founded on direct empirical observation and expressed in a transparent
TABLE 2 Competing definitions of EG: An evaluation Definition Type of Definition Any empirical observation Ostensive: "points" to which has been found to generalisations that may generalise (Barwise, exist in the literature.

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