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Darwin's commitment to empirical observation is complete: he can't ignore any observed fact if his theories are to hold water.
This is not an opinion; it's an empirical observation.
This latter possibility would itself be a completely "unproved and unprovable" claim; no evidence whatsoever is available for it, whether in Scripture, Tradition, philosophical reasoning, or empirical observation.
By reaching the limits of logic, one does not demonstrate that metatheory itself is useless; rather, it demonstrates how it is possible to keep distinct those aspects of our analyses that are based in the empirical observation of the text from those aspects that are directed by our theoretical model.
Her knowledge of rhetorical conventions and the elements of hagiography, her use of empirical observation and deduction, and her command of sermonic and epistolary forms make The Answer one of the richest works of prose of the Golden Age.
The trick is to achieve an effect of constant oscillation between a variety of opposites, catalyzing as well as representing consciousness moving from empirical observation to transcendental self-awarenes and back again.
On the basis of this empirical observation, Lotka suggested the following equation to describe the pattern of research output among authors:
This approach is limited by knowledge, of which there is a dearth; hence science's preference for empirical observation.
In other words, it attempts to found logical necessity on probabilistic inferences based on the empirical observation of the mental realm.
The discussion in this paper sets out from two thoughts, one a straightforward empirical observation, the other a worry.
He makes the case for empirical observation, and comments "While well designed observational studies will never address all our questions, they can improve our understanding of how younger children recognize hypoglycemia, and how their responses to it affect their mental state and behavior.
Unlike Mr Brooke, I base my arguments on empirical observation, not ideological conviction.

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