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A great many of the empirical questions of interest to
Why does Groopman, who professes devotion to the facts, overlook or attempt to answer without investigation key empirical questions posed by the majority?
If next year Congress were to enact a video-taping provision or to require the presence of counsel in custodial interrogation, then surely we would have to examine the empirical question whether video taping or the presence of counsel is likely to be as effective as the Miranda procedure.
It is with great personal interest that I read this article, applauding the authors for addressing empirical questions arising out of policies and practices that often have a philosophical basis only.
Whether banking markets have changed is ultimately an empirical question.
Contrary to this line of reasoning, this article treats the question of whether we can see x as F without possessing a concept of F as an open and partially empirical question.
This is an empirical question, Balaguer claims, and it is an empirical question that he convincingly argues is open right now.
But even if this coordination justification is theoretically persuasive, there remains the empirical question of whether the assumption about participant attitudes is accurate.
This is an empirical question, and given that the questions in the CPS are not designed to measure a specific definition of disability, the burden of proof is on those who use the data to infer the labor force status of people with disabilities.
It's an empirical question as to whether capitalist markets work better in terms of providing greater happiness than any other arrangement.
Similarly, the generalizability and applicability of treatment manuals to agency or clinic settings is an empirical question.
Whether or not the threat or use of the death penalty is, has been, or could be a deterrent to homicide is an empirical question that should not--and cannot--be answered on the basis of moral or political stands.

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