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Sometimes employee benefit liability insurance is provided on a claims made policy form.
Ever more rigorous audit expectations may make a complex and confusing set of rules even more so, but they will enhance the usefulness of CPAs who audit employee benefit plans.
The AICPA Council and board of directors recently have created an Audit Quality Center for Employee Benefit Plans.
While recognizing that cross-trading programs may provide some benefits to employee benefit plans (e.
Many employees are concerned about the diminishing employee benefits and services, the rising costs of health care, pension expenditures, and more expensive medical procedures.
This particular structuring of chapters makes the book's primary use one of a reference guide for students and professionals in the employee benefits field.
Provide information about the center's activities to other employee benefit plan stakeholders.
To qualify, all entrants must have been based in the United States and have provided a broad range of employee benefits for at least five years.
In a survey of 60 companies in North America and Europe, global consulting group Towers Perrin discovered companies that are not multinational conglomerates are exploring captives for employee benefits.
Updated 2001 edition--Audits of Employee Benefit Plans--Audit & Accounting Guide (No.
In addition, the PEO administers any employee benefit programs including retirement plans; cafeteria and health care plans; life, disability, accidental death and dismemberment insurance; credit unions; fitness club memberships; child care; and tuition reimbursement programs.
The Employee Benefit Research Institute is "committed to original public policy research and education on economic security and employee benefits.

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