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A spokesperson from Diversified Employee Benefit Services commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us.
According to MetLife's "2005/2006 Employee Benefits Trend Study," 46% of the surveyed employer groups with more than 25,000 workers believe that the aging work force will have a significant impact on their human resources, yet 79% of these companies have not begun to plan how they will retain their experienced older employees.
Administrators of employee benefit plans, as well as qualified retirement plans should determine if they meet the definition of fiduciary.
For help, the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center offers a centralized place to find resources to enhance firms' audit performance.
During the planning phase of an employee benefit plan audit, the auditor normally should request the following information from the plan's administrator:
Given that cross-trades may be beneficial to employee benefit plans in some cases (e.
Although it is difficult to find criticism with such a comprehensive encyclopedia of employee benefit topics, a few exist.
A few areas of employee benefit plans that may present audit risk are
Grant Thornton takes employee benefits very seriously.
enables the efficient planning, management and analysis of employee benefit plans through the delivery of proprietary applications and services to benefit providers through direct and indirect sales channels to plan providers, insurance companies and third party administrators.
Employee benefit plan audits are one of our practice areas that clearly is growing in importance to our clients, as companies seek to strike a balance between employee benefits as an employee retention/recruitment tool while managing the costs associated with those programs.
com/reports/c36258) has announced the addition of "Executive SpeedBriefing: The Review and Drafting of Employee Benefits Plans" to their offering.

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