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Functions include regulation of pH, chelating agent, buffering agent, flavor enhancer, and emulsifying agent.
BHT (butylated-hydroxytoluene) from SAFC Supply Solutions, tocopherol and Triton X-100 (Sigma-Aldrich), soy lecithin (Colemman) were used as antioxidant and emulsifying agents.
Whey has found use as a protein supplement, thickening agent, emulsifying agent, gelling agent and foam stabilizer.
Another emulsifying agent that is used as a thickener for surfactant systems is the Dermothix line from Alzo International, Sayreville, NJ.
Mesquite gum has been used as a binder in tablet dosage form, as an emulsifying agent and to encapsulate citrus essential oils.
When butteroil is used as the continuous phase or when butteroil-derived glycerol fractions are used as the emulsifying agent, glycerol levels do not increase significantly.
The emulsifying agent is the whole egg and egg yolks.
Emulsions are normally prepared by vigorously shaking the two components together, and an emulsifying agent is added for stability.
As you apply the Balm to your face, its emulsifying agents attach to oil-based debris on the skin, readying them for removal.
the new plant is capable of producing 100 percent renewable, 100 percent bio-based non-ionic surfactants, which are active emulsifying agents used in a wide range of consumer products.
The fire-resistant and anti-wear properties of phosphate esters make them a preferred choice in important applications, such as fire retardants, hydraulic systems, emulsifying agents, lubricants, hydrotropes in cleaning applications, corrosion inhibitors, anti-static agents, and wetting agents.