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With some regularity, new compilers create new encyclopedias.
Such is true with another old and venerable institution, Encyclopedia Britannica.
Speaking to the Iranian book news agency the Encyclopedia of Iran which will be released in 30 volumes, Moussavi Boroujerdi said, "The Encyclopedia of Iran is the 2nd research work of the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia.
Stardelov informed that the 50 copies printed so far would not be withdrawn and that most of the corrections would be made in the second edition of the encyclopedia.
WikiNorth at hyperlink http://wikinorth, is setting out to be the people's encyclopedia of Northern Ontario.
Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks Edited by Gerard V.
Instead of covering a specific field like philosophy, some specialized encyclopedias cover a particular region.
For all the merits of subject encyclopedias to the research process, do students use them?
Voorbij studies the purpose and audience of several thirteenth-century Latin encyclopedias (pp.
Of course I must confess that this was not my first incursion into Borgesian encyclopedias.
This newly redesigned online encyclopedia (which is updated quarterly) offers over 45,000 articles, complete with bibliographies and Internet links as well as article-to-article links, along with many new fact boxes, tables, maps, flags and images.
As of now, the collection offers the following online editions: Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition; Encyclopedia of Immunology, second edition; and Encyclopedia of Virology, second edition.

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