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Collier's Encyclopedia was last printed in 1998, Encyclopedia Americana in 2006.
Moreover some 700 articles were specially compiled for the encyclopedia he added, and said," Our main priority was considering national culture.
WikiNorth at hyperlink http://wikinorth, is setting out to be the people's encyclopedia of Northern Ontario.
The encyclopedia has benefitted from an army of top-notch workers, helmed as it is by Professor Middleton and four associate editors (Michael Church, Mario Coniglio, Lawrence Hardie, and Frederick Longstaffe) and anchored by an impressive roster of authors, the names of many of whom will bring nods of agreement at the propriety of their having been chosen to contribute.
While the encyclopedia section isn't as comprehensive or as well designed as Encarta's, the Journal section, with its easy access to articles on current events, makes this product well worth considering in both public and school libraries.
As an encyclopedia, it is organized thematically and topically, covering not only theatrical performance and choreography, but such areas as folk, popular, ritual, and recreational dance, aesthetics, education, anthropology, publication and scholarship, music, costume, and libretti.
Larkin, who has chronicled pop music for 31 years, penned the encyclopedia along with a hand-picked team of a dozen contributors.
I thought of these people once again when I found the Encyclopedia of Catholicism (HarperCollins, 1995) under my Christmas tree.
During the ceremony held at the Book City, the director of Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) said, " We wished to present a national encyclopedia which would hold the Iranian's insight as well as their scientific abilities.
Change is again rousing the world of encyclopedias.
Prepared by the editors of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 delivers over 25,024 thoroughly researched and fact-checked entries covering art, history, geography, politics, technology, science, sports, pop culture, and other subjects.
com) - has renamed and redesigned its free online encyclopedia to better integrate it into its network and to provide a more powerful online research tool for users.

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