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First, plaintiffs [Parsi and NIAC] note that endnotes 13 and 16 .
Paragraph 1, line 7; at end of paragraph insert new endnote 2:
Endnotes: Use full citation endnotes (with no bibliography and no reference list).
As one would expect of a historian and senior fellow at George Washington University's National Security Archive, Prados has heavily documented his work with 60 pages of often very illuminating endnotes followed by an 18-page bibliographic essay.
2] There are what we might call "3-Dimensional" qualities, such as footnotes and endnotes, on the printed page; these qualities break the linear flow of text to suggest other places and spaces and layers and levels.
Lending gravity to Eban's muckraking style are dozens of pages of endnotes.
It's part biography and interpretation of the senior Ohno's career and part transcripts of workshop comments by the now 99-year-old dancer, complete with translator John Barrett's endnotes and valuable appendices.
Music Of The Civil War Era is one of the first volumes in a projected series American History Through Music: it includes a bibliography, endnotes, and a fine subject index researchers will applaud.
Some of the most intriguing information can be found in the chapter endnotes (a discussion of what to call whites, a definition of intercultural, biblical arguments for and against interracial marriages, and so on).
The result is a text of 500 pages, including 75 of endnotes, which signals the author's ambition to have written the most serious work in a field already quite crowded: a search on Amazon brings up over thirty books on masturbation, though only one of these (Jean Stengers' recently translated Histoire d'une grande peur) is intended as a full-scale history.
By the time a research report or publication goes to press, many of its references, in the form of footnotes and endnotes, may no longer exist.
Mistake number 1: While revising the article for publication, I removed a handful of endnotes that I believed then were unnecessary.