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output gap and inflation, there is a need to introduce vectors of length nq where n denotes the number of endogenous variables and q denotes their lag order.
The use of a block exogeneity Wald test allowed us to test the joint significance of lagged endogenous variables in each equation in the vector.
Thus, all questions and aspects of endogenous variables of the research may be used in structural equations model.
The model contains four endogenous variables (TC, TR, I, and [pi]) and three exogenous variables.
where X denotes a vector of endogenous variables (in our case, economic growth, unemployment and inflation), t is a time index, [epsilon] denotes the unexplained residual and n is the lag order of the endogenous variables.
22 capability Table 4: The direct, indirect and total effects of endogenous variables Variables Direct Indirect Total effect effect effect Attractive capability- 0.
Column 4 reports OLS estimates of a model obtained by replacing the endogenous variable of Equation (3) by Total Number of Lenders.
The results showed that exogenous variables of consideration, coordination, and skill had significant effect on dependent endogenous variable of incremental intelligence belief.
In addition to a constant term and a linear trend, the VAR included five endogenous variables in the following order: (As measured by GAP, GNHP, MORTPOT, UWPC, and IMORT.
However, it is important to note that the interest rate differential is an endogenous variable, which means that there is not necessarily any direct causal link between the interest rate and the estimated exchange rate.
Each 3sls equation accounts for a significant proportion of the variance in an endogenous variable (chi-squares are significant at p [is less than] .
However, bloody diarrhea is not the only endogenous variable in their models, and extensive modeling would be necessary to isolate the independent effects of the various predictor variables.