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The motivation and intent of the endower in the endowed property that is mostly to obtain God's satisfaction and divine revelation (like endowment stones appointed in mosque or Jame Alkhayarat or endowed documents of Amir Chakhmagh and his wife (cultural sustainability).
And it is stipulated that if, God forbid, no one remains from among the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of His Highness, then that which His Highness of the waqf, above-mentioned, has endowed in Mawarannahr, Transoxiana, Shash, Kish, and Nasaf and mentioned earlier, ought to be assigned to the luminous grave of the Pillar of Pillars, the most excellent and illustrious grandfather of His Highness, the above-mentioned endower of the waqf.
As dedicated by the endower, the AMAF shall buy a property or two in his name on condition that the revenues shall be used in building and running a house for orphans and poor people in Dubai.
The Qur'an does not bring out the conditions of the things in existence insofar as they point to their 'selves', but insofar as they point to the One who endows them with existence: what is essential in its eyes are those conditions in which they are looking up to their endower.
On his part, Jamal Al-Duaij, the project's supervisor, said in a similar statement to KUNA that the Secretariat of Awqaf is keen on honoring the endowers during their lifetime and even after their death to immortalize their great actions serving and developing the charitable actions in the society.
The amounts collected have been invested in endowment projects under the name of the endowers as per their shares, he added.
The law regulates religious endowments, determines the procedures for founding and managing them, investing them, and distributing their returns on beneficiaries as per the terms of the endowers.
HE the Minister of Awqaf (Endowment) and Islamic Affairs, Dr Ghaith bin Mubarak al-Kuwari, honoured a group of endowers of the ministry's General Directorate during a ceremony held on Saturday night at Sheraton Doha Hotel under the slogan "Endowment Fulfilment Day".
Da Virtude o heroismo He de certa a caridade O bemfeitor que le dota Tern no peito esta verdade Or From the virtue of heroism It is certain comes charity The benefactor who endowers me Carries with him this truth.