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ENGROSSER. One who purchases large quantities of any commodities in order to have the command of the market, and to sell them again at high prices.

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So off they went, the lean horse hobbling along as before, and Robin running beside, albeit he was so quaking with laughter within him that he could hardly stand; yet he dared not laugh aloud, lest the Corn Engrosser should suspect something.
Peace, friend," said the Corn Engrosser, "for this is no matter for jesting.
When the Corn Engrosser had told this, Robin broke into a roar of laughter and, laying his hands upon the bridle rein, stopped the sad-looking nag.
All this time the Corn Engrosser had been staring at Robin, his mouth agape with wonder.
The name of Corn Engrosser leaves a nasty taste upon the tongue of all honest men.