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The steamer we had just sighted must have wirelessed a warning, for it wasn't half an hour before we saw more smoke on the horizon, and this time the vessel flew the white ensign of the Royal Navy and carried guns.
The full host of ensigns, including 11 from our country's most iconic ship, the USS Constitution, will be on display for a champagne reception in Freeman's historic Philadelphia gallery, hosted by Freeman's chairman Samuel M.
Dietrich's ambition and foresight to preserve American history through material culture, combined with his lifelong passion for the sea has secured the survival of these flags; the ensigns are testaments to American pride, patriotism and preservation.
Navy ensigns to survive and dates prior to the 3rd Flag Act of 1818.
The additional two stars mark the admission of Iowa in 1847 and Wisconsin in 1848 and extended the use of the ensign.
Although these old service ensigns were disposed of by our government in Ottawa, they will always have a place of honour in our history.
The Union Jack and the Canadian Red Ensign on the left, the Royal Canadian Navy White Ensign and the Royal Canadian Air Force Blue Ensign on the right, with the new Maple Leaf flag in the centre.
Over the last few years many Canadians have requested that the Red Ensign be flown at Vimy Ridge with the Union Jack in memory of and out of respect for all those it was created, just as it was on the day it was opened.
If there was ever anything in my life that I could take back, this would be it," Ensign said, addressing a press conference on Tuesday.
According to sources close to the Senator from Nevada, a former employee had asked Ensign for money, and it was a case of "extortion.
Ensign said he would not mention the name of the campaign aide involved in the affair.
Ensign is only the latest member of Congress to acknowledge infidelity.