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In these instances, models not adjusted for neighborhood median household income in associations of walkable built environment variables with BMI z-score are underadjusted, and neighborhood median household income is a qualitative confounder.
The hypothesis H4a suggests that the organizational characteristics variable moderates the relation between the environment and the technical innovation To obtain the results, a product of the environment variables (independent variable) and the organizational characteristics (proposed moderator variable) was defined, in order to represent the interaction between both variables.
Four cultural measures--uncertainty avoidance, power distance, future orientation, and performance orientation--were found to be positively and significantly related to the institutional environment variable.
Specific family environment variables related to communication patterns were investigated by Hammen (1991).
These work environment variables influenced faculty job satisfaction and exerted indirect effects on intent to leave.
Future evaluations would need to utilize more reliable instruments to measure learning environment variables such as the Adult Classroom Environment Scale (Freddolino, 1996a).
Table 2 contains Partial Likelihood estimates of the effects of ecological and institutional environment variables on organizational founding rates.
A clever technique for figuring out the optimum memory allocation for storing environment variables is given by Dan Gookin.
In order to make specific predictions about the relationships between marketing environment variables and purchase behavior variables, we draw on a number of different research streams in the marketing literature and examine their implications for our study.
Attribute tables containing the built environment variables by school and by home postal code for each participant were linked to questionnaire data on each student within ArcGIS 10.
In Table V, Regressions (2) through (7), each of which uses a different legal environment measure, show that the legal environment variable is statistically significant at the 1% level.
On the next line, we set an environment variable called "RC.

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