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Rhetoric, Environmentalism, and Environmental Ethics," Environmental Ethics 16, no.
The lesson to be learned from an Islamic environmental ethics is that we should take a more holistic approach to resolving environmental crises, focusing on the intersection between human and non-human communities and accepting a plurality of values, not merely the value of market-based economic efficiency.
Though this biography may be of greatest interest to environmentalists, it is also a good introduction to environmental ethics.
While I find this book helpful in introducing readers to Ojibwa worldview, I found it frustrating when the authors turned to discussing the narratives as environmental ethics.
An environmental ethic seeks the preservation and restoration of the natural landscape, plants, and animals; clean air; plentiful, nonpolluted water; and large areas in the wild state.
Questions concerning environmental ethics in early Buddhism can be difficult, as the traditional scriptures do not provide any explicit definition of the subject.
Boundaries; a casebook in environmental ethics, 2d ed.
The ethical tenets that underlie green chemistry are substantially consistent with the environmental ethics of the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Christian Environmental Ethics is a useful and thought-provoking book in that it uses a series of nine case studies that capture the ethical conflicts inherent in many environmental problems.
Reddy was the brainchild of Mark Blaine, editor of Forest Magazine, which is published by Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE).
And scholars see great potential for developing environmental ethics even within traditions that have lacked them.
environmental awareness, forges environmental ethics

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