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Known as "LEED Law" it requires all construction projects incorporate the environmental strategies to meet sustainability goals and principles of the green design to save energy, conserve water, contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment and protect the natural resources by incorporating use of rapidly renewable environmentally friendly materials integrated in the sustainable design principles.
Valley College officials on Wednesday broke ground on the All ied Health and Science Center, a $46 million environmentally friendly building that will include science labs and lab support areas; office/conference/faculty support areas; a computer/tutorial lab learning resource center; outdoor teaching laboratories; and classrooms and seminar spaces.
Both the design and construction are being undertaken by Obayashi Gumi Corporation, a pioneer in environmentally friendly building materials and technologies.
The cans reputation as an environmentally friendly package is built by the food and beverage industry and the consumers they serve.
The site includes guidelines, reference materials, engineering, data and environmentally friendly purchasing information to assist state and local government agencies and California businesses with the shift toward environmental sustainability.
People think they're going to be spending twice as much to build an environmentally friendly building; that's just not so.
Just a few years ago, Forgach was in no hurry to invest in environmentally friendly schemes like the guanaco deal.
China environmentally friendly tricycle market analysis" is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to invest in the environmentally friendly tricycle industry, to import into/from China, to build factories in China, to partner with one of the key Chinese corporations, or to compete in the segment.
The governor joined MassHousing, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the Enterprise Foundation at an announcement made July 7 in East Boston Together these organizations will provide $209 million worth of incentives to build 1,000 new, environmentally friendly homes in Massachusetts, according to the report.
Implementing significant environmental challenges and incorporating the use of environmentally friendly materials integrated in the sustainable design principles helps to conserve the natural resources and protect the environment.
Exolit AP has very low water solubility and meets all current requirements for environmentally friendly and highly effective fire protection, according to the manufacturer.
The unanimous decision means that as many as 40 new or renovated buildings on the district's nine campuses would include ``green'' elements - from water-efficient plumbing and solar panels to recycled and environmentally friendly building materials.

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