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Some studies indicated that enzyme activity and microbial biomass can vary high both seasonal and interannual (Sardans et al.
Change in enzyme activity was measured by incubating crude enzyme at temperatures 30degC-90degC for 25 min.
The enzyme activity was maximum at 40[degrees]C for protease and 30[degrees]C for Xylanase (Table 4).
However, the traditional optimization method in which the level of one parameter is varied at a time over a certain range, while keeping the other variables constant, is generally time consuming, requiring a large number of tests (Sen & Swaminathan, 1997), and does not reflect the interaction effects among the variables and, consequently, does not depict the net effect of the various factors on the enzyme activity (Dagbagli & Goksungur, 2008).
Thus, the purpose of the present study was to compare the effects of moderate and low training moderate volume on mitochondrial enzyme activity and oxidative stress on skeletal muscle.
Apparent enzyme activity (AEA) was determined at each wavelength using the following equation:
Most investigations regarding quantification of soil enzyme activity are conducted directly by measuring its activity (Dick, 1997).
After 48 hours incubation, enzyme activity of cell free supernatant of each isolate was determined.
Enzyme activity (Cellulase) was determined by using DNS method/13) as follows; 1ml enzyme solution was mixed with 1ml DNS reagent and boil the mixture for five minutes, then cooled.