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Different parts of the brain demand different exercises, and Eons provides special tracking tools that show ongoing progress in key brain functions.
They're as active and as hungry for satisfying relationships as ever, and their meet- ups on Eons sometimes move offline into the real world, further cementing the value of their Eons connections in their everyday lives.
Visitors to the Eons Goals area will enjoy a continuous look over months and years at what America's 50+ hope to accomplish.
Barack Obama is a candidate who enjoys engaging voters at the grass roots, and we're glad he is part of Eons.
Eons is a company that is driving a revolutionary change in perceptions about living and aging.
Eons will feature many of Bunchball's most popular socially interactive games, ranging from trivia to pool.
When you look at the groups that Eons members are most excited about, it jumps out at you that they're ready to meet new people, build relationships and challenge themselves to reach new levels," says Linda Natansohn, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Eons.
From Atlantic City to Las Vegas and many points in between, we are excited to partner with Eons and introduce our casino entertainment products to a whole new set of customers.
Eons communities have more than doubled over the past six weeks alone, with the most popular groups including Photography, Eons Hot Tub, Motorcycles and Six Degrees of Separation.
In keeping with the Eons spirit, Seymour has "Top 10'd" herself and identified at least 10 goals she wants to accomplish before she is 100: