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Like Epicurus, my friend, still like Epicurus; I repeat, we are Epicureans, and that is very amusing.
The Epicureans did not perceive that the head of the school had left them; the violins continued playing all night long.
At the moment when this jollity was manifesting itself by the most lively demonstrations, when the ladies were reproaching the two adversaries with not having admitted women into the system of Epicurean happiness, Gourville was seen hastening from the other end of the garden, approaching Fouquet, and detaching him, by his presence alone, from the group.
She followed the traditions of the epicurean churchman to whom this valuable garden owed its origin; but Benassis himself regarded it with sufficient indifference.
Hunger, however, may blunt the most epicurean taste, and Tarzan was not exactly an epicure.
It seemed that his route to the coveted island was not to be an epicurean one.
Epicureans classify desires in this manner, but these considerations were not incorporated into the FDA's calculus, and it's clear that ingesting nicotine falls under the last category.
The ethics of the Epicureans is also found in modernity: to appreciate pleasures for these are good; avoid pain for this is bad.
Corbett argues that "Dante's radical dualism theoretically necessitates, therefore, his conceptual category of the Epicureans [.
3) In response to this worry, recent defenders of Epicurus, notably James Warren (2004) and Voula Tsouna (2006), have shown that Epicureans offer more than one argument and target more than one kind of fear.
Since the charge of atheism was the most blatant of the critiques of Epicureans, many simply ignored this part.
It is not so surprising then to find the Stoics having more in common in important ways with Epicureans than they do with Middle Platonists.