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EPILEPSY, med. jur. A disease of the brain, which occurs in paroxysms, with uncertain intervals between them.
     2. These paroxysms are characterized by the loss of sensation, and convulsive motions of the muscles. When long continued and violent, this disease is very apt to end in dementia. (q.v.) It gradually destroys the memory, and impairs the intellect, and is one of the causes of an unsound mind. 8 Ves. 87. Vide Dig. 50, 16, 123; Id. 21, 1, 4, 5.

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She disclosed her to be having epilepsy since 2011, has been taking regular medicine and lives a fully professional, domestic and an activist's life.
She was addressing a webinar session of doctors in connection with the ongoing awareness campaign about epilepsy.
adults and 470,000 children had active epilepsy in 2015.
One of the biggest challenges with epilepsy is that It is frequently under-diagnosed and under-recognized, in part because it is associated with many co-occurring conditions," says Jacqueline French, chief scientific officer at the Epilepsy Foundation, Landover, Md.
Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the association between clinical and demographic characteristics and seizure frequency in 1329 epilepsy patients who were followed up at an outpatient clinic for one to eight years, 2008-2015.
adults and 470,000 children had active epilepsy (under treatment or with recent seizures).
Epilepsy has been assessed only intermittently in population surveys (1,2).
Sameer Zuberi who also chairs the ILAE Commission on Classifications and Terminology, pointed out that about fifty million people in the world suffer from epilepsy and eighty seven new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed every day in UK having a population of sixty four million.
M2 PHARMA-March 20, 2017-LGS Foundation Partners with CURE's Epilepsy Genetics Initiative Programme
MORE specialist nurses are needed in Wales to care for the 26,000 adults who suffer from epilepsy, a charity is warning.
Living with epilepsy I AM writing to ask your readers to pop their kettles on and roll out their best bakes to support people with epilepsy.
Epilepsy is the fourth most common disorder that affects the nervous system, with only migraine, cerebrovascular incidents and Alzheimer's disease being more common.