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BISHOP. An ecclesiastical officer, who is the chief of the clergy of his diocese, and is the archbishop's assistant. Happily for this country, these officers are not recognized by law. They derive all their authority from the churches over which they preside. Bishop's COURT, Eng. law. An ecclesiastical court held in the cathedral of each diocese, the judge of which is the bishop's chancellor.

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Din "Actul martiric al Sfantului Sava", zis Gotul, rezulta ca Biserica crestina din Gothia (Muntenia), era organizata administrativ, fiind condusa de un episcop, iar in lipsa acestuia de un "presbyterium".
Silit sa se refugieze sub imparatul Constantiu (arian), Ulfila, episcop al vizigotilor (baltici) presati de ostrogotii de stepa sub Hermanaric, a trecut in sudul Dunarii pana la Constantinopol, unde a murit in anul 383.
Moastele au fost stramutate in Tomis (Constanta de azi) si, de aici, transportate in anul 373-374 in Capadocia, insotite de "Scrisoarea Bisericii din Gotia catre Biserica din Capadocia" si epistola personala a Sfantului Episcop al Tomisului, la care Sfantul Vasile le raspunde prin doua scrisori, confirmand primirea moastelor (29).