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The following is an example of a typical tax equalization calculation:
Keywords: Histogram equalization, Mean brightness, Preservation, Image processing, Contrast Enhancement, Specification
Equalization grants were adjusted to reflect the costs of higher salaries of municipal employees, as well as to correct costs of utility charges for budget institutions.
This paper proposes a histogram equalization technique with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to extend the image enhancement range.
Sometimes equalization can be accomplished with slightly congested patients by using a quick acting spray decongestant such as oxymetazoline (Afrin), which has an onset of 10-15 minutes (duration 5-6 hours).
A second question should therefore be asked: Who would benefit from the exclusion of natural resources from the equalization formula?
Although money has been allotted for equalizing school budgets statewide -- in the 2004-05 budget $80 million and in the '05-06 budget $30 million -- SB 361 seeks to end the debate inequity by allotting $159 million to equalization.
The Canadian Federal-Provincial Equalization Regime, p.
The elected members of the Board of Equalization would serve as ex-officio member of the California Tax Commission, with the state controller serving as the commission's initial chairperson.
Getting the mechanics down A typical tax equalization policy estimates the tax the expatriate would have owed had he or she stayed at home.
immediate work on a strengthened and fairer equalization program formula, including as one possible alternative, a ten-province standard that recognizes the volatility around resource revenues, and comprehensive revenue coverage;