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RIM division produces high-pressure metering units, mix heads, and optional equipment.
Air Hydraulics high-accuracy, heat-transfer indexer for decals can also be retrofitted to all makes of hot-stamping equipment.
Designs and manufactures high-pressure, plural component metering and mixing machines and related equipment.
Silicone rubber sheets, dies, rolls, and tooling are also available, as well as a vacuum take-off device to speed part removal after stamping, automatic feed devices, turntables, slide tables, indexers, and parts-handling equipment.
Offers custom-manufactured contact heat-welding equipment.
This is compelling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make faster upgrades to drive sales of both used and new equipment.
When we learned how profoundly dissatisfied our customers were with the products and services available in the secondary market, we developed a comprehensive and innovative approach to help them buy and dispose of used test equipment.
Supplier of all types of construction and demolition equipment.
Water purge, dynamic mixing, recirculating low pressure metering and dispensing equipment.
31, 2005, is based on such inputs as the average cost of military equipment, total program expenditures, and the useful life of the equipment.
In light of the stressful work environment, companies must establish routine maintenance, from daily greasing and cleaning of equipment to changing of various parts to ensure effective operation of the equipment.