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Next in the prologue, Orestes, dressed in a straightjacket, is suffering from hallucinations and feels persecuted and tortured by the Erinyes, who, as Electra points out, exist only in his imagination (5).
According to Robert Graves the Erinyes "were personified pangs of conscience" (GRAVES, 2001, p.
The apparent path of the sun resulting from this tilt is called the ecliptic, observed by Heraclitus as simultaneously unexpected (assuming a geometrically perfect cosmos) and steadfast: "Sun will not overstep his measures, otherwise the Erinyes, ministers of Justice, will find him out" (Kirk and Raven 203).
For example Heraclitus writes that "[t]he sun will not overstep his measures; otherwise, the Erinyes, ministers of Justice, will find him out" 10.
The Eumenides of the title is the euphemistic name the ancients gave to the Erinyes, the spirits of punishment that work by disturbing the mind (Odyssey 15.