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Since 1987, NLM's policy regarding these documents has been that whenever a labeled, citable correction to a document is published, NLM annotates the bibliographic record of the original article with a reference to the notice of erratum [3].
Erratum to "Polymer Crystallization Kinetics, Master Quotients, Master Curves and Nakamura-Ozawa-Equations of iPP and PTFE," by Markus Lambrigger, published in POLYM.
Identification of a Kunjin/West Nile-like flavivirus in brains of patients with New York encephalitis (letter) [published erratum appears in Lancet 1999;354:1650].
Published erratum appears in N Engl J Med 1993; 329: 672.
Ungab said the committee would ensure that any erratum or amendment to the 2015 budget "shall be in accordance with laws, rules and prevailing jurisprudence and decisions of the Supreme Court on these matters.