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ESCHEATOR. The name of an officer whose duties are generally to ascertain what escheats have taken place, and to prosecute the claim of the commonwealth for the purpose of recovering the escheated property. Vide 10 Vin. Ab. 158.

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In summary, key provisions of the bill provide that there are significant advantages of entering into a Delaware SOS VDA, as opposed to undergoing a State Escheator audit, including: (i) shorter look back periods, (ii) an absence of penalties and interest, and (iii) for most holders, completion of the SOS VDA in a much shorter time period than would likely be the case in such an audit.
First, for all audits that were pending on the date of enactment of the bill into law, the State Escheator may not seek payment of any amounts related to any transactions before January 1, 1986, which is five years shorter than the current look back period for such audits.
The settlement proposed by North European Oil Royalty Trust (NYSE: NET) and the Delaware State Escheator for pending litigation was approved today.