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Background: Recognition of the importance of early diagnosis and aggressive, definitive surgical intervention has brought about a dramatic decline in mortality related to distal esophageal perforation.
Endoscopic clipping of esophageal perforation after pneumatic dilation for achalasia.
The most common cause of esophageal perforation is iatrogenic.
Boerhaave's syndrome is a rare form of esophageal perforation with a potentially complex presentation mimicking a variety of disorders.
Esophageal perforation has been regarded as the most serious injury of the digestive tract.
With regards to safety, all the clinical results from the prior use of cryoenergy in and around the pulmonary veins suggests that this energy source does not generate serious adverse events such as stenosis (narrowing of the vein), thrombosis (clot formation), and esophageal perforation - three complications that have been consistently reported with alternative heat-based ablation systems.
Successful endoscopic clipping in the early treatment of spontaneous esophageal perforation.
Impaction of dentures in the esophagus is a distressing experience for a patient and can lead to serious consequences, such as esophageal perforation.
Another surgically managed case of DIEP involved an esophageal perforation secondary to vomiting.
First, if the evidence of esophageal perforation is strong and contrast swallow is negative, the physician must consider further imaging, such as contrast computed tomography.
In our patient, there was no evidence of esophageal perforation.