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To deal with the question of the esoterism of African masks, I propose breaking it down into three parts and examining them in turn: the basic concepts of the problem: mask, language, discourse, esoterisms; the exoterism (or non-esoterism) of masks as a demonstratively collective, popular and religious expression and the esoterism of masks: secrets, forms of transmission or handing down, problems in relation to modernism.
In sum, this is a profound investigation, backed by impressive knowledge of the various currents of esoterism.
is deeply influenced by the esoterism of the 600 pages of Edouard Schure's book Les Grands Inilies given to him by his master l'Eplatenier.
If we are to avoid the aporias of esoterism and privatism, we must have the means to adjudicate claims to truth within contemporary society, the polls.
conservatism which reflects an hesitation to change; (5) an esoterism by
Exoterism is the domain of rituals, of moral precepts, of institutions; esoterism, that of transcendent wisdom and mystical union, of realization through direct knowledge of the Divine" (Glasse 9).
Indeed, in keeping with the first stage of the wheel model, the relationship marketing paradigm eschews esoterism, is highly focused (on the business sector), is experiencing extraordinarily rapid growth, appears to be relevant to and popular with the current generation of practising marketing managers and, not least, the overwhelming optimism of its proponents contrasts starkly with the pessimism that is evident in so many other areas of marketing endeavour strategy, consumer research, retailing and services marketing, to name but a few.
73) give off more than a whiff of esoterism, and as for topobiological (p.
And, in Liking's treatment of initiation as well as collective healing, the esoterism lies not at all in the supernatural but, instead, in the means of realizing the immanence of spiritual sources within oneself.
27) Nasr, a prominent Islamic philosopher of Iranian origin, is Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University and author of many scholarly books and articles in the fields of Islamic Esoterism, Sufism, philosophy of science, and metaphysics.
This tendency can also be seen in Nursi's approach to the question of esoterism as a source of knowledge.
Her prostitution consists in the fact that she is "in communication (by sacred prostitution) with the religious and spiritual powers, with the satanic sources, and esoterism (but this also implies the immoralities, which are completely secondary)" (190).