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If, as I suspect, the majority of the essayists were born from the late 50's through the mid-70's, that would explain why so many of the novels chosen were published in the 80's and 90's.
Some essayists even have the courage to present a conclusion at the end of their essays.
In part 1, "England at the Margins," essayists refer to plays by Shakespeare as they explore the instability of England's power in the early modern global economy and Christian-Muslim relations.
Many essayists point out that no white abolitionist writer would have allowed a slave to enjoy her servitude or to subvert the plans of other slaves.
As Neuhaus observes, for each of the essayists, "the life of faith and the life of the intellect is one life.
Osborne's on "Ruskin's Unto This Last (1862)," which the essayist himself had designated in his sub-title as "A Reconsideration" (Winter 1992).
To claim an equal degree of philosophical awareness in the writings of the other essayists of his time is more problematic and perhaps hardly necessary.
Few American nature essayists have been trained scientists, but reaction to and incorporation of modern scientific thought indelibly marks the philosophies and styles of every American literary naturalist.
Her collection of quotes and comments from seasoned writers and essayists, positioned near the end of the volume, offers added inspiration to writers fighting to make their voices heard.
What Rosenblatt calls "prancing around in an air of vain stupidity" was never the sole province of the celebrity culture it applied equally to self-important essayists, solemn anchormen, and an uninterrupted string of state departments whose rambunctious and provocative foreign policies betrayed the non-interventionist sensibilities of the populace and left us open to the wrath of omnicidal fanatics.
Moreover, as essayists in this volume lament, some data that would give a more complete picture of the Office are missing or have not been or cannot be located.
The participants in the conference represented four countries, adding some broad new perspectives on the life and work of Wittlin, one of the most original among contemporary Polish poets, essayists, and novelists.