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a global essential fatty acids (EFA) solutions provider, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to market High GLA Safflower Oil.
The Omega 3 Information Service is explicit about the benefits of essential fatty acids and fish oils which, as their name suggests, are essential for life and must be eaten regularly as the body has only a limited capacity to store them.
10,11) Therefore, these essential fatty acids must be acquired from the diet or supplementation.
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) have a unique role during pregnancy because of the rapid development of new cell growth, new tissues, and new organ systems in a developing fetus.
Essential fatty acids, usually found in fish oils, cannot be made in the body but are needed to support the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems.
Previous studies have shown that essential fatty acids are needed for these health problems.
A New Study Published Online in Neurology Suggests Omega-3 Fatty Acids Might Help Slow the Surge of New Alzheimer's Disease Cases Expected as the Nation's Elderly Population Grows; Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, Such as Those Found in Omega XL, Are Showing Promise for Brain Health
The 3rd international congress on Essential Fatty Acid and Eicosanoids was held in Adelaide in March 1992.
The product is Reviva Labs Essential Fatty Acid (EFAs) Cream.
Rosa Mosqueta is derived frm the hip of a wild South American rose and is rich in essential fatty acids.

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